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Other paints “surface dry,” which means that there is a difference in tension between the top and bottom of the paint film and when a second coat is applied before the first is thoroughly dry, this difference in tension causes a crinkled surface. Since there is no difference in the tension of a film, it is possible to apply the second coat before the first is absolutely dry.

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A better looking job is often temporarily secured on non-uniform plaster, through the use of varnish base primers, but the prospect of future failures is always great.

Mick Nifty

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Therefore, painters, architects, chemists and engineers agree that the use of varnish sealing coats is not the proper procedure in the painting of plaster walls.

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The weaknesses in the majority of paints and primers were recognized and kept in mind during the many years of intensive development work.

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They combine the advantages of oil base and varnish base wall paints without any of their disadvantages, and also possess added properties found in no other product.