Washing Machine Repair & Service

Problems with washing mashing are never fun. For most households, a working washer in the laundry room is not a luxury, but a necessity. Having stacks of dirty clothing and not able to take care of them is just bad. If your washing machine won’t spin, won’t drain or even won’t turn on, you need to call Nelson’s Appliance right away. Our Factory Certified Technicians are happy to help.
With the price of appliances these days, it’s sometimes best to just have your machine repaired. Most basic repairs run about $110.00 plus parts. We call and we will be happy to discuss your appliance repairs with you.
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  • Pricing

    In-shop diagnostic: $50.00
    Service call: $100.00
    Basic Repair: $60.00
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    My washer won't fills and then won't cycle. What could be wrong?

    Make sure the lid is closed because most models will not advance until the lid switch is activated. It could also be a broken lid switch or another problem.

    My washer agitator won't move. What could cause this ?

    There are little plastic pieces, called “dogs” in the agitator that grip and help turn the agitator. They may need to be replaced.

    What is a service call charge?

    A service call includes a technician coming to your home and diagnosing the problem, then they will provide an estimate to repair the unit. A service call is charged for any home visit.

    What is considered a basic repair?

    Most jobs are considered basic repairs, things such as control boards, switches, and pumps on most units. Major jobs are usually things such as motors, transmissions, and tub jobs. All jobs are quoted with the service call charge before the repairs are done.