Microwave Oven Repair

Microwaves are used in hundreds of millions of houses worldwide. Exceptionally effective in their usage of electrical energy, these ovens use microwave radiation to get things hot. Does it take longer than usual to heat up your food? Does it shut off after a few seconds? Is there a problem with turntable, buttons or display? Let Nelson’s Factory Certified Technicians take a look.

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  • Pricing

    In-shop diagnostic: $50.00
    Service call: $100.00
    Basic Repair: $60.00
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What an easy way to stuck on food cleaned out of my microwave?

    Put a cup of water in a microwave safe cup and heat for 4-5 minutes until steam forms in the microwave and softens the hardened food. Then wipe clean with a non- abrasive cloth.

    My microwave runs but will not heat at all , why would this happen ?

    There are several reasons why a microwave will not heat , usually it means the magnetron , high voltage transformer, or capacitor is bad . Often times people may elect to replace the unit when these items fail.

    What is a service call charge?

    A service call includes a technician coming to your home and diagnosing the problem, then they will provide an estimate to repair the unit. A service call is charged for any home visit.